Access S.I.: Welcome Letter: Inclusion Criteria & Agency Responsibilities 02.07.2006 
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AccessSI Information

AccessSI Responsibilities

  • Accept information changes via the standardized information profile forms sent to AccessSI by mail, fax or e-mail.

  • Send bi-annual reminders to participating agencies (mail, fax or e-mail) to confirm that their information is current.

  • Maintain the information database.

  • Assist agencies and community end users with accessing and utilizing the site.

  • Upon request, provide participating agencies with the number of hits their agency received on AccessSI.

Agency Information

Inclusion Criteria

Agencies and/or organizations that will be considered for inclusion in AccessSI's resource directory/database must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Nonprofit organizations, which provide services in the following seven (7) core service categories: health, social services, education, governmental, cultural, recreation, and workforce employment training and transition services.

  • Organizations, which offer a service to the community at large, such as business associations and churches that do not limit services to their own members.

  • Advocacy groups related to the seven (7) core service categories.

  • Support groups that are free and open to new members.

  • Social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors and psychiatrists who are currently licensed for private practice by the State of Illinois and either offer free services, accept Medicaid, or have sliding scales or flexible payment plans.

  • Nonprofit or for-profit, proprietary agencies which are providing services not adequately provided by the nonprofit sector or which offer free services, accept Medicaid, or have sliding-scale or flexible payment plans.

  • For-profit organization, to which clients are referred and fees paid by the nonprofit agency making the referral (i.e., a for-profit daycare service that receives payment from a non profit agency whose client is receiving job skill services).

Agencies and/or organizations that will not be considered for inclusion in AccessSI's resource directory/database include:

  • Individual or private practitioners who do not offer services in accordance with the criterion outlined above.

  • Agencies that decline services on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or nationality; these parties are excluded from the resource directory and/or will be removed from the resource directory.

  • Agencies that provide false representation of information are subject to removal from AccessSI by the advisory board.

Agencies or organizations that want to appeal a decision made by AccessSI should follow these steps:

  1. Consult with the AccessSI Coordinator for clarification of the inclusion policy.

  2. Submit a written request to the AccessSI Steering Committee providing rationale for the appeal. Requests should be forwarded to:

    Southern Illinois Healthcare
    Attn: AccessSI Steering Committee
    P.O. 3988
    Carbondale, IL 62901

  3. The decisions of the AccessSI Steering Committee will be considered final.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Provide accurate information on the Program Profile regarding agency programs and services.

  • Keep Agency information current

  • Respond in a timely manner to AccessSI's annual request confirming that agency information is current.

  • Designate one (1) representative from the agency to serve as the liaison with the staff at AccessSI.

  • Agencies can help to promote AccessSI by:

    1. Placing a link to AccessSI on the agency Web page, if one exists.

    2. Allowing AccessSI to link to the agency Web page, if one exists.

    3. Placing the AccessSI logo on appropriate agency literature.

  • Password Use: Agencies with Program Profiles displayed on AccessSI will be given a password, which will allow them to periodically update their respective files as needed. Furthermore, agencies are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their passwords, the content, and all activity that occur on their Program Profile.

Community User's Information


The contents of AccessSI are provided as a convenience to individuals in the community as well as area service providers. Every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure accuracy. Inclusion of service agencies in the directory is not necessarily an endorsement by the Man-Tra-Con Corporation, Southern Illinois Healthcare, or members of the AccessSI Steering Committee.

Confidentiality & Privacy Statement

AccessSI strongly believes in protecting the privacy of persons inquiring about services. All information concerning services shall be kept confidential, except as otherwise stated in the Release of Information Statement.

Release of Information Statement

In order to provide the best possible service to those with a need for information and, maintain the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us by our consumers (community end users) and service agencies:

  • Agency-specific data will be released only to the originating agency.

  • Non-agency specific (aggregate, non-client identifier) data is available only to AccessSI and participating service agencies. The use of this data may include marketing, public relations and data measurement for reports to funding sources.

  • Any data requests other than the above will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Involvement from affected service agencies and/ or the AccessSI Steering Committee may be requested.

Analysis of user behavior may be performed to measure consumer interest as well as product and website development purposes. Any information collected is used for internal purposes to improve the content of the website, to enhance users' experience when visiting the website, and to customize the content and layout of the pages. Analysis of user behavior described herein will be recorded on a group basis, and such analysis may be shared with the website development consultants. The information collected will not be sold or transferred.

AccessSI may ask you (the community end user) to voluntarily provide personal information including your name, e-mail address and mailing address so that we may contact you to respond to your comments, questions or requests for information.

User's Consent

AccessSI, is a service to the southern Illinois community. By visiting AccessSI, you agree to the collection and use of this information as stated in our privacy policy. Access to and use of AccessSI is subject to the terms and conditions contained herein and all applicable laws. AccessSI may revise these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this posting.


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