Access S.I.: Welcome Letter 02.07.2006 
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Fall 2002

Dear Providers of Community Services:

On behalf of the AccessSI Steering Committee and two of the AccessSI project partners Man-Tra-Con Corporation and Southern Illinois Healthcare, we invite and encourage your service agency to become a participant of AccessSI, an Internet service, which will serve as a "Community Resource Directory for Southern Illinois."

Our mission is to provide the seventeen (17) southernmost southern Illinois counties with accessible, comprehensive, up-to-date online resources in the following categories: health, social services, education, governmental, cultural, recreation, and workforce employment training and transition services. In the coming months, additional southern Illinois counties will be added to AccessSI's community resource directory.

As service providers to the community, the following are a number of benefits your agency can realize by being a part of AccessSI:

  • Catalog community services
  • Enhance referral capabilities for and between agencies
  • Link people with needed service(s)
  • Maintain accuracy of community information
  • Provide information to the public at large
Additionally, AccessSI will provide agencies and community planners with information that can be used to conduct community needs assessments by documenting services, identifying gaps in services, and avoiding duplication of services.

It is our hope that AccessSI will provide community end users and the agencies providing services with the resources to bridge the gap between available resources and those in need. If your agency knows of any other service organization that would benefit from this community online resource initiative, please refer them to "Your" Community Resource Directory for Southern Illinois. We look forward to including your agency's resource information into AccessSI's database.

If you have any questions regarding AccessSI or the completion of the Program Profile, please feel free to contact us.

Zina Nolen
AccessSI Coordinator

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